Beetroot Pesto Pizza


A while ago now I visited Vegie Bar on Brunswick Street. I hadn’t been there in years, in fact not since I was a kid! Mum always used to take me there for lunch after we got our routine hair appointment across the road. Back in the day, Vegie Bar was located in a different position on Brunswick Street and they offered a slightly less sophisticated style of dining - albeit still classy for the majority of takeaway venues in that day and age. Instead of the standard menu and specials board they offer now, they had a simple bain-marie with only a few options for the day with the names and prices of the dishes written in chalk-pen on the glass. I was quite fond of their food, and I always opted for whatever eggplant and/or tofu dish they were serving (oh, and one of their lassis).

Anyway, I was quite surprised to see how the place had changed, both in location and style. The reason for all of this rambling about Vegie Bar is that I had a pizza there that day, and was really surprised and intrigued by it. It had a beetroot sauce on the base, with some greens and blue cheese for toppings. I made a mental note of the flavours and promised myself that I would recreate something similar at home. That is where this recipe came from! Please note that this is not the same pizza as the one I ate at Vegie Bar, it is simply inspired by it.

So enough of all that, here is the recipe! :)

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