Chef Lagenda, Flemington

After being awakened to the fact that there are lots of popular malaysian eateries in Flemington/Kensington, I knew I would have to try the three most popular ones out. Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam was first on my list, then Chef Lagenda (in no particular order, mind you). I knew the popular Laksa King would have to be tried as well, but I had heard some better things about Chef Lagenda so I decided to go there first.

Chef Lagenda

Chef Lagenda Inside

Interesting walls and lighting inside Chef Lagenda.

We were seated along the wall in the centre of the restaurant which was perfect as I could have a good look around the entire restaurant and take photos ;) .

Chef Lagenda Tea

Complimentary tea and customised napkins.

We were given a pot of complimentary tea (which is always appreciated as I drink lots of liquid whenever I eat out).

Ice Blended Bubble Teas

Coffee (large) and milo (regular) ice blended bubble teas with pearls, $4.80/$3.80.

As soon as I opened the menu I was very excited to see that they offered bubble teas! I adore bubble teas and hadn’t had one in a while so there was no questioning what I was going to have to drink. Cam also decided to have a bubble tea. He had a large coffee ice blended bubble tea with pearls, and I had a regular milo ice blended bubble tea with pearls. Both were good, just your standard bubble tea, folks!

Soya Duck

Soya Duck.

I was craving a curry laksa (as usual) and was instinctively going to order a chicken laksa when I realised they had a ‘Lagenda Meal Deal’ option in which you pick your choice of meat (steamed chicken, roast chicken, B.B.Q  pork, or soya duck), noodle/rice (flat rice noodle, hokkien noodle, vermicelli, egg noodle, or chicken rice), and soup (clear chicken soup, laksa soup, tom yum soup, or soya sauce[dry]). I decided to to have a duck laksa with hokkien noodles (for only an extra .30c for duck over boring poached chicken, why wouldn’t you!?). Initially when they brought out the plate of duck we thought it must have been for another table, until they came back with a bowl of curry laksa. Seriously, all of that duck for one laksa, and for only $9.50..? Amazing. The duck was moist and tender with a lovely crispy skin and no oiliness.

Curry Laksa Soup

Laksa Soup.

The laksa broth itself was divine. I honestly think this is close to the perfect laksa (although of course I am still on a hunt), if not the best I have tried in Melbourne so far. The creaminess was spot on, there was a lovely thick layer of chilli oil, and the spices were perfect.

Soya Duck Laksa Soup

Soya Duck Laksa Soup with Hokkien Noodles, $9.50.

I added in about half of the duck I had been presented with (don’t worry, I ate the rest ;) ) and boy oh boy, it was SO good! The only thing I can fault with this was that there were no vermicelli noodles in it as well, but obviously that is because of the option I chose – I’m sure their normal curry laksa’s from the noodle soup section of the menu have all of normal ingredients. Something else that surprised me is that I didn’t even miss my tofu puffs! :O I’m a very big tofu lover, and when I make curry laksa at home I add in a ridiculous amount of tofu puffs to soak up the tasty goodness of the soup.

Spicy Chilli Crispy Duck on Rice

Spicy Chilli Crispy Duck on Rice, $9.90.

Cam opted for the spicy chilli crispy duck on rice which was also really good. The tender duck was coated in a good layer of crispy batter with a very morish chilli sauce. The chilli sauce wasn’t really spicy, but it was damn good! Mind you, it was not like a sweet chilli sauce either. Cam was quite happy with his choice :) .

Overall we will definitely be returning to Chef Lagenda. When we had finished our meals, Thomas (the chef) came and had a chat to us and was extremely friendly and welcoming. We left with smiles on our faces and two very full bellies!

Chef Lagenda
16 Pin Oak Crescent
Flemington, VIC
(03) 9376 2668

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  • I like their milo bubble tea… not sure about having pearls with them tho :p I also like their nasi lemak, which is a thousand times better than silly laksa. ;)

    • Bink

      PEARLS IN EVERYTHING! I only recently (i.e., the last few years) started liking pearls, I found that the mini pearls are better to start off with :) . SILLY laksa!? SILLY!? Oh no you didn’t -snaps fingers and wobbles head-..! I’m yet to try nasi lemak as I don’t really like eggs that much (I know I could just not eat the egg haha) and it often has fish somewhere in it, which I obviously have to be careful about.. :( wah. So many things I’m yet to try though! :)

  • I love bubble tea too :) wow that duck looks amazing. Much better than Turret aye? haha. Flemington seems to have a lot of good food, yum.

    • Bink

      Hahahaha, yes MUCH better than the Turret! I got my duck fix after all ;) But yes, Flemington is a hidden gem, huh! Well.. I guess it’s not that hidden any more, but I never knew about the amount of good restaurants there until recently.

      • we always have this problem where we start to have conversation on both of our blogs ;) you’ll be back pretty soon then! you must be excited haha. I’m preparing for exams too, and will go overseas on 7th Dec for my electives. I’ll have to go hang out in flemington some time :)

  • Oh oh oh! I want Milo Bubble Tea! That would make my heart sing… and my lactose intolerant tummy sad :P

    • Bianca

      Oh dear! There must be some other bubble teas you could have instead, then :) ? Luckily I’m not lactose intolerant but if I drink too much milk I feel sick, so I usually try to opt for lactose free milk at home.

  • oooooo… I am so overdue for a laksa!!

  • Milo bubble tea???? Why is this the first Im hearing of such awesomeness??

    • Bianca

      I’d never had it until this visit :) but I usually opt for chocolate or coconut anyway so it wasn’t that strange ;) And we all know Malaysia loves Milo! Haha!

  • Everything looks so delicious! I really should not have looked at this before lunch. Big mistake…huge! :P

    • Bianca

      Haha, and now you’ve made me look at it before lunch as well! :P I was going to make a laksa but realised I have no coconut milk left! :( it was a sad realisation, haha.. Perhaps I’ll make it for dinner instead ;)

  • MILO bubble milk tea?!?! NICE!!! Glad to hear you had a great meal at Chef Lagenda! Though, I really wished my luck was as good as yours. I’ve been there twice and the first time was really good while the other was really not. I felt sad after that as I had great memories in this place! I’m glad to have come across this post as now I know my experience might have been a “once off” thing. Fingers crossed! And OMG once more at MILO bubble milk tea!! I’m so there… =]

    • Bianca

      Oh no! What happened the second time that made it not very good? Was it the food or the service, or something else? I hope it was just a one off! Haha yes you have to go back and get the milo bubble milk tea :P soo good.

  • I love love their fish head curry laksa and assam laksa here.. MmMmmmm

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