Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam, Flemington

A few months ago Cam and I ate lunch at Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam on the way home to Ballarat from our regular Melbourne family/friends visit. I had heard about Chillipadi from other bloggers and was curious to see what the hype was about.

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by friendly staff who showed us to our table. It was very quiet Sunday afternoon with only one or two other couples dining in the restaurant.


Cute decor.

Menu at Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam

Menu at Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam

The colourful, picture-filled menu.

The glossy revamped menus were well appreciated. I loved how colourful they were, and it’s always nice to see some photos of the food! Each item had description underneath which was also very helpful in deciding what to get (although I already knew what I wanted of course ;) haha). The back of the menu had the extensive drinks list which also had some photos. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an amazing drinks list! They have 34 cold drinks on offer which include some favorites such as ‘Milo Godzilla’, ‘Ribena Lychee’, and ‘Soya Bean with Gula Melaka’… Mmm! They also have a range of teas, coffees and cocktails.

The staff were attentive and when we were ready to order they were right there. I was impressed that when ordering my dish that the waiter asked why I wanted no seafood, checking if it was an allergy. I told him that I was indeed allergic to seafood and he nodded and wrote it down, letting me know that he would tell the chef to make sure he was aware of this as well. Wow! I know this probably does not sound like much, but never ever have I been asked if I had an allergy, and usually when I tell them they either don’t care or don’t believe me, probably thinking ‘stupid girl, doesn’t like seafood, she won’t know if it’s in a sauce’ (this has happened on numerous occasions, mind you)! It was just simple things like this that made our visit so enjoyable, it’s always good to know that they wish to take care of you as a customer, rather than a whole room of people just ordering food.

Milo Godzilla

Milo Godzilla: ‘milo iced with ice cream’, $4.

Of course Cam had to go for one of the Milo drinks, so he got the Milo Godzilla. Mmmm! There is not much to say about this drink.. Just milo, ice, and ice cream. Ooh yeah. They weren’t sparing with the Milo, either! :)

Soya Bean with Gula Melaka

Soya Bean with Gula Melaka: ‘soya bean with palm sugar on ice’, $3.5.

I’m a sucker for soy milk drinks, so when I saw this I almost had a heart attack. What a genius idea! Just in case you didn’t get enough of a sugar hit from the soya bean drink, why don’t you mix some palm sugar through it, too? ;) So delicious. I will be having this again when we return!

Things to Know..

Getting to know Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam.

Whilst we were waiting for our meals to arrive, Cam noticed a sign on the table. It has all of the information you would ever really need to know about dining at Chillipadi. They mention things like eating with hands (is ok!), table sharing, minimum EFTPOS limits, BYO, etc. We thought this was a great idea, as it saves everyone a lot of time and potential hassle for such simple things that can just be outlined on a small sign!

Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow (Fried Kway Teow), $12.90.

Cam opted for the Char Kway Teow with prawns, scallops, lala, calamari, and fishcake slices. This was the most expensive option on the menu, the others costing $10.90. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned, and even had enough soy sauce through it (Cam always pours more soy sauce all over his char kway teow)!

Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa, $9.90.

Did you guess what I was going to order ;) ? I had the curry laksa with chicken (no fishcake slices), which was the cheapest laksa option. The others included either veggies or seafood and were varying in price up to $12.90. I really enjoyed this laksa, the balance was perfect, just enough creaminess and oiliness! I wouldn’t have minded it a bit spicier, but I didn’t request extra chilli so that’s my fault really (not everyone likes it spicy). As you can see from the photo, there was  a garnish of sliced cucumber! This was very new to me, but supposedly not uncommon in Malaysian curry laksas? I thought this was an odd addition, however it was actually quite refreshing against the thick broth. Overall, I would definitely devour another one of these again.

Pulut Hitam

Pulut Hitam with ice cream, $6.50.

We were quite full after our meals, but I pressured Cam into sharing a desert with me ;) . Neither of us had ever had pulut hitam before, so I was eager to try it. After the first mouthful I was in love. Such a simple dish but it is definitely now a favourite! The ice cream on top was an interesting addition, however, I probably wouldn’t add it if I were to make it at home.

We left feeling very full, content and with a new favourite restaurant. I definitely recommend Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam for their friendly service, good atmosphere, great food, and fantastic cold drinks!

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam
295 Racecourse Road
Kensington, VIC
(03) 9376 0228

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23 comments to Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam, Flemington

  • yum, that looks quite good. I love the black rice dessert! mmm

  • Lovely… I need to head back soon… la la laaaaaa.. I need satay!

    • Bink

      I haven’t had their satay yet! Although.. Well.. I sort of have, I cooked it the other night (from their recipe on FB)! It was pretty damned good, albeit a tad sweet but next time I’ll just cut down on the sugar :)

  • Man, I always feel left out whenever I read a(nother) positive post about this place, I had a fab experience service-wise but the food was a hugee let-down. Oysters in my oyster omelette were definitely from a can, and texturally terrible, and my char kuay teow was similarly bland with stale seafood. Maybe I should give it another go sometime :(

    • Bink

      To be honest I have heard mixed reviews as well, the trend seems to be the newer the review, the more positive it is? When did you last eat there, perhaps they have improved? One thing that I appreciate about them is that they reply to user’s feedback on Urbanspoon and change anything that may need improvement. I can’t comment on the seafood as I didn’t have any, but Cam seemed to enjoy his, and I can’t say he likes stale seafood ;) hehe (so I’m fairly sure it was all fresh and cooked well). Perhaps give them another shot, and if it’s not to your liking again then that’s that! :P

  • Hey, I love that you referred to clams as “lala”. Ok honestly, Bianca, if I hadn’t known better, I’d think you were 100% Malaysian!! Hahahhahaha… I hope you take it as a compliment tho =) Always drive past this place but end up going to Laksa King. I should really stop being so boring and take a risk to try somewhere new sometimes ;p

    • Bink

      Haha lalalala. I can’t take all the credit, they do actually have them listed as ‘lala’ on the menu ;) I did know what they were, though, haha. But thankyou, thank you :P . You’ve only gone to Laksa King, though..!? Shame on you! At least give Chillipadi a shot, and then Chef Lagenda! Both are tops :) I’ve tried out Laksa King and while I really enjoyed it, I’ll be back to Chillipadi (and Chef Lagenda) for the friendly service and waaay less hectic atmosphere! Try themmmmmmmmm :P

  • OMG I love those glasses! Jar/glass = awesomeness! The food looks pretty awesome too

  • Those drinks are so cute in the jars. I like palm sugar on anything!

  • I didn’t understand the cucumber on the laksa either, but it wasn’t a bad thing.

    mmm…. craving pulit hitam now!!

  • Wow, that is good service! :) And gee, I was so surprised to see that you ordered laksa. Do you ever eat anything else? ;)

    • Bink

      Hahahaha, I try to order laksa as little as possible.. If it’s the first time trying out a restaurant though, I will probably order it as I am in search of the best laksa in Melbourne ;) but I try to get out of my comfort zone and order new foods occasionally ;) haha

  • I think the cucumber on the laksa is what they do for the Penang style Assam laksa. Have you ever tried that before? It’s more sourish than the richness of normal laksa.

    • Bink

      Ooh, thanks for the info :) I’ve never had an Assam laksa in a restaurant before, but I accidentally bought a jar version once instead of curry laksa. It was so fishy and I couldn’t finish it. I’m allergic to seafood (although shrimp paste seems to be OK, obviously haha) so I think anything that is overly fishy tasting makes my taste buds cringe as they’re trying to protect me ;) haha.

  • That Milo drink is just amazing! It looks enormous! I went here with my aunt years and years ago! :)

    • Bink

      It was! I was so excited when my drink came out too (because of the size); for that price you would usually get half of that! You definitely know where to go for good food when you’re in Melbourne, don’t you? ;)

  • Wow!! that Soya Bean with Gula Melaka sounds really interesting. I have to try some…

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