Chocolate Mill, Mount Franklin

During our little holiday to Daylesford, Cam and I thought it would be a must to take a visit to the Chocolate Mill. They hand make all of their chocolate on-site using the finest Callebaut Belgian Couverture chocolate and offer a wide variety of bars and truffles, both also offering vegan, coeliac and diabetic friendly options. They have also added on a cafe where they sell their quite well known real chocolate hot chocolates (tip: don’t eat all of your purchases before trying one of these hot chocolates, you’ll make yourself sick and the hot chocolates are a must-try)! To see some photos of these amazing hot chocolates, Winnie over at Bites and Travels has a post about the Chocolate Mill with more photos.
If you have time, I urge you to visit their website and read the story behind the Chocolate Mill as it is extremely interesting, I’ve recently heard, however, that the business has been up for sale since April 2011, which slightly saddens me as the owners put so much care into every single chocolate and have made the Chocolate Mill what it is today.

The Chocolate Mill

Chocolate Mill.

Metal Owl

Metal owl sculpture.

The garden at the Chocolate Mill have lots of quirky metal sculptures and other Australian and rustic themed ornaments.

Metal Sculptures

Hot Iron metal sculptures.

Construction of Mocha Truffles

Construction of their Mocha Truffles.

We were lucky enough to witness the construction of their mocha truffles (which we bought!), and also witness some of Chris’ lovely singing, haha ;) !

Chocolate Mill Display

Chocolate display.

Sooo many chocolates to choose from! Yummmm.

Pistachio and Cranberry Chocolate

Pistachio and Cranberry Chocolates.

Mocha Truffle

Mocha Truffles.

Hot Chilli Mama Chocolate

Hot Chilli Mama Chocolates.

These Hot Chilli Mama chocolates were VERY hot! I’ve had my fair share of chilli chocolate before, but this one had a real bite, so much that I struggled to get through the whole piece!

Chocolate Mill weigh the chocolates you pick and have a set price for certain weights. I forgot to write down the prices, but from memory they were pretty reasonable for what you got!

Chocolate Mill
5451 Midland Hwy,
Mount Franklin, VIC
(03) 5476 4208

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  • Oh how I love this place! You make me want to go back!

    • Bink

      It’s fantastic, isn’t it? :) I’m a bit worried though about reading the news of it being up for sale… The owners must be moving on, and that’s such a shame as they have put so much time and effort into the place (their story is phenomenal!). Hopefully the new owners will carry on the same traditions and not change it too much!

  • Hey Bianca (or Bink?), I linked you too :) lovely photos of the chocolate, you know I always feel like a weirdo taking photos at the counter and things, interested to know, how do you deal with it? haha. What course are you doing up in the Rat? It’s my first week back in Melbourne, getting used to driving here gee the roads are so narrow and crowded!

    • Bink

      Thanks, Winnie! And haha, you can call me either :) Bianca is my actual name, but most people call me Bink (although I feel like I am almost at that awkward transition phase where childhood nicknames get phased out!). I don’t know why, but I actually feel less awkward taking photos of items at the counter than in a restaurant! I guess everyone is different ;) I just think about the amount of people who DO actually take photos, especially tourists (and other food bloggers of course). I think once you do it a few times you get used to it, and once you realise that no one is really paying any attention to you then it’s fine :) If you’re ever concerned that it’s not appropriate though, I feel that if you ask the staff they will almost always say it’s not a problem at all, and won’t even notice you have your camera out! I’m studying Psychology and doing a bridging program which gets me into honours next year. Haha, yeah the roads are very different in Melbourne, just take it easy and be cautious of everyone around you (as some people do really silly things, although I find that drivers are potentially worse here in Ballarat, haha). I’m sure you will get used to it soon :) At least in Melbourne there aren’t any roads where lanes just end or merge without any warning!! What are you doing in Melbourne, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Oh wow… Love that Hot Chilli Mama.. ahahah… that looks like a fun place to go to!

    • Bink

      Thanks Ms I-Hua! It was definitely better than the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory (if you’ve ever been there?!).. Much more love in all of the chocolates as they are like one big family, rather than employees who don’t even smile when people are watching them making chocolate! And haha, yeah the Hot Chilli Mama was HOTTTT! And I love my spicy food, I can inhale Sichuan food with no worries, but this was something else!! :P

  • How pretty are those pistachio and cranberry ones? Gorgeous! And hot chilli mama – that sounds like my kind of chocolate :D

    • Bink

      Aren’t they just! Unfortunately I didn’t get any of those, I have no idea why though, I think I must have forgotten about them when it came to picking out of such a great selection! Haha if you’ve ever had normal chilli chocolate (e.g. Lindt’s Dark Chilli Chocolate) think ten times spicier!! :P

  • Hey Bianca, asking the staff is a good idea :p yeah we’ve complained about drivers in Ballarat around the hospital roundabouts who don’t signal properly. I’m in medical school, I just went to a conference and had some sessions on multi disciplinary care, so hello future colleague (/fellow food blogger) ;) actually I will be doing a short placement in Ballarat again soon! Bet I’ll get to eat out a fair bit hehe

    • Bink

      Oh, THAT roundabout! I live a few houses up from there, so I can vouch for how bad it is with the lack of signalling, etc! Also, people pulling out of the emergency driveway without even looking is terrible, haha! And ohhh! Multi disciplinary care ftw :P yes, hello there future colleague ;) hahahaha. Let me know when you are in town, I wouldn’t mind meeting up and eating out together! :)

  • Love the chocolate mill and make it a must stop destination when I’m up that way after eating at Perfect Drop or Lakehouse. The last time I was there, I made it to the second half of a chocolate class- free samples!!!

    • Bink

      Oh, Adrian! I wish we could have turned up to one of the chocolate classes (especially now that I know they were giving out samples, gosh!) but we were so busy rushing around like headless chooks to do all of the other wonderful things on our itinerary! I haven’t eaten at either the Lakehouse or Perfect Drop, but they were on my contemplation list ;) We decided with Breakfast & Beer and were not disappointed! You should give it a try next time if you haven’t before :)

  • This place ROCKS! How amazing are the hot chocolates? I recently went back to Daylesford and didn’t get a chance to revisit. NOT HAPPY.

    • Bink

      I know! The hot chocolates are so good, VERY sweet though – I couldn’t finish mine (given I had just eaten a bunch of truffles I had just bought from there, though, haha)!! And aww :( At least there are other wonderful places in Daylesford which I’m sure you got to visit :D

  • anonymous coward

    The hot chilli mama is quite spicy as you mentioned. I’ve tried it 3 times the first 2 times it was pleasantly spicy and I really loved it. I think that fact that the ganache is so fresh makes it so good. But when i tried it recently i found it a bit too spicy.

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