Laksa King, Flemington

Chillipadi and Chef Lagenda being covered, Cam and I decided that Laksa King had to be next. On the day we went to the Royal Melbourne Show, we decided to stop off and have lunch at Laksa King instead of buying underwhelming food at ridiculous prices at the show.

Laksa King

Inside of Laksa King

Cute decor – light globes attached to ‘noodles’!

Not to our surprise, it was extremely busy when we visited. The empty table in the photo was the only free seat in the house, and that was filled within one minute of it being cleared! I had read some mixed reviews about the service at Laksa King , however, we were either very lucky, or some other bloggers have been very unlucky, as we experienced really good service. Two waitresses attended to us for the time we were there, both were very friendly and knowledgeable about the food.

Iced Coffee

 Iced Coffee.

To start off with, Cam ordered an iced coffee. The coffee beans on top of the whipped cream was a nice touch, and overall Cam said it tasted really good (about as good as an iced coffee can get at a Malaysian restaurant?).

Soya Bean Drink

Soy Bean Drink.

Of course I had a soy drink.. What else would I get? :P

Ipoh Noodles

Ipoh Noodles.

Cam chose the Ipoh noodles with seafood for lunch. Despite not looking particularly appetising when it came out, Cam tells me it was good, however he also said that the Wat Tan Hor (same dish) at Chillipadi in Melbourne Central was much better.

Chicken Curry Laksa

Chicken Curry Laksa.

I had the laksa… Obviously because I love laksa, but also because we were at Laksa KING! I have to say it was slightly meh in my opinion. It was tasty and had all the qualities of a good laksa, but it was nothing special. It was creamy and had a nice layer of chilli oil, but it lacked ‘oomph’. The eggplant was an interesting addition and whilst I did enjoy it, I probably wouldn’t choose to put it in instead of other ingredients. The chopped mint was not particularly appreciated though, as I quite dislike mint, and being chopped it was harder to avoid it than just picking out a leaf or two. Even if I did like mint, I honestly don’t think it added anything to the dish anyway.

Please excuse the lack of prices, our visit to laksa king was a few months ago now so I can’t remember how much everything was. Prices were however reasonable, and comparable to the other Malaysian restaurants in the area. We enjoyed our lunch at Laksa King, and I would go back, however given there are two other Malaysian restaurants which are less crowded and offer better value for money (and better food in my opinion), we will be going to back to Chef Lagenda and Chillipadi first.

Laksa King
6-12 Pin Oak Crescent
Flemington, VIC
(03) 9372 6383

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11 comments to Laksa King, Flemington

  • Cam

    Everything Bink wrote here is spot on. The food at Laksa King was good, but it was better IMO (and cheaper!) at both Chef Lagenda and Chilli Padi (Mamak Kopitiam and Melbourne central).

    Plus I preferred the atmosphere and general feel of the other two, although some people might prefer the hustle and bustle of Laksa King. Personal taste really!

    However, like Bink said, I wouldn’t *not* go back to Laksa King, and I wouldn’t *not* recommend it to someone else, if that makes any sense. It’s just stiff competition for this kind of food in Kensington/Flemington! It’s a buyers market!

  • Those noodles, although not totally fab looking, do look like theyre packed with flavour :D

  • Hehe, we’re one of the ones that got the not-so-good service, but agree that the food is not bad. I do agree with Cam that there is stiff competition in Flemington and really in general, all across Melbourne, for good Malaysian food! Buyers (or Eaters!) market indeed!

    • Bianca

      Oh no! Sorry to hear that you experienced poor service :( I am very thankful that we have such good competition for Malaysian food in Melbourne though as it raises the standard! :)

  • Oh noooo… Sad to hear that you weren’t very satisfied with your experience there! I’ve been going to Laksa King for a few years and must say that when they were at their small shop corner, they were really good. Then when they moved to this new, bigger venue, it started off very bad then it got better so we enjoyed it. But sounds like they’ve dropped the ball a bit (again). Chef Lagenda seems to be another place that we found to have fluctuating quality. AIHHHH… Hopefully someone from their restaurant reads your review and will strive to improve hehehe…

    • Bianca

      Hey Winston :) We were satisfied, but that was really it. They were good, but I just think the other Malaysian choices in that area are better. I don’t think they will ever try to ‘improve’ as they already get a ridiculous amount of business as it is, but to be honest, I’m not complaining as it means the other places are quieter ;) I’ve only been to Chef Lagenda once, so I can’t comment on the quality fluctuating but that would be frustrating! I’ll go there again some time soon and will let you know how it is then :)

  • I got recommended Laksa King as well. I am bit undecided now coz its either a good or a bad thing. But thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am also a laksa fan too ;)

    • Bianca

      Thanks for your comment, Julie :) Laksa King was good, don’t get me wrong, but with the other options in Kensington/Flemington I’d not be rushing back there. If Laksa King were the only place to get Malaysian in that area I’d be more than happy returning there :) Yay for laksa fans!

  • I agree – their laksa isn’t particularly great. And it should be, since they’re named Laksa King! We like Chef Lagenda the most – have eaten there so, so much. I quite like Chillipadi, but the boys don’t, so Chef it normally is. :p

  • There only around 4 tables avaliable at this tiny restaurant. The menu has their famous laksa and other Singaporean, Malaysian dishes. For dinner, my friend and I shared Satay Chicken, Roti Canai for appetizer, Laksa and Beef Curry for mains.

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