RedBeard Bakery, Trentham

Cam and myself went on a two day holiday to Daylesford last week! We visited a few of the surrounding villages, one of them being Trentham. Trentham has a few tourist attractions, one of which is RedBeard Bakery. Cam and I noticed a lot of restaurants in Daylesford using their bread, so we figured it must be good! We arrived in Trentham around lunch time, and we were very eager to eat (just as well!). The actual bakery itself was slightly difficult to find, as it is located behind the main shops and accessed via an alleyway with a small billboard on the main road pointing you in the right direction.

 RedBeard Bakery

The entrance of the bakery.

Scotch Oven

The renowned Scotch oven.

While we were eating our lunch, we noticed something painted on the wall.. It read something along the lines of “ask us to see our Scotch oven!”. Of course we would want to see the kitchen and the fiery beast that was cooking up all of their delectable baked goods! After asking extremely nicely during one of their busy periods, one of their staff took us through. For anyone who hasn’t heard of a Scotch oven before, they are a old style traditional wood-fired commercial bakers’ oven. The oven is made of extensive layers of brick and sand, and has a rounded ceiling with a firebox and flute. Scotch ovens were once the most common commercial ovens in Australia, being built from Scottish engineers. So, what’s with all the fuss and focus on this oven, you ask? Well, today only a few remain as most were destroyed by the 1950s by the large flour millers to reduce competition for their supermarket breads.

Pumpkin Roasting

The lovely staff member who took us on a tour informed us that they try to cook everything possible in the Scotch oven, for instance pumpkin (which was roasting when we were there). It makes sense to utilize all of the heat produced by the oven as it has to be heated continuously and takes up to a few days to cool down!


So, moving onto the food…!

Guava & Cranberry Drink

Parker’s Organic Sparkling Guava & Cranberry Juice.

I had never heard of this brand before, and after being strongly advised by one of their staff, I decided to give it a try. It was in fact quite lovely, the guava and cranberry complementing each other well, along with a pleasant effervescence.

 Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

 Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Sourdough.

My choice for lunch was their soup of the day with a generous slice of their famous sourdough. The flavours of the soup were really surprising, and I can’t say that I’ve ever had anything quite like it. The taste of the parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke was definitely present with a slightly tangy and salty addition.


 Ham, Cheese, and Tomato Toastie and Onion, Spinach, and Tomato Toastie.

Cam decided to opt for two toasties. You could choose three ingredients of your choice, and while the selection was quite limited, any possible combination would have worked well. The sourdough toasted really nicely, and the use of fresh, local ingredients was pleasing. Cam and I both thought that they were very satisfying and tasty for a mere toasted sandwich!

We had a nice time at RedBeard, and would definitely travel back there again if in the surrounding areas.

RedBeard Bakery
38A High Street
Trentham, VIC
(03) 5424 1002

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  • Damn, another of Trentham’s best kept secrets made public!

    • Bink

      Thank you for your comment, Maurie! I can’t say that I was the first to ruin the secret, but either way it was too good not to share! :) I’d love to review some of the other places we went to nearby (i.e. on the way there) like Passing Clouds winery and Istra Smallgoods (although I will be posting recipes soon using smallgoods from Istra!) as they were both two great hidden gems as well! All in all a gorgeous area!

  • Good to know of another place to eat in Daylesford. I think we over did The Perfect Drop!

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